Innovation and International Expansion: Organex’s Achievement with Customer Angelus

We are proud to celebrate another major accomplishment with the signing of the contract with Angelus. Angelus is a dental solutions industry that will benefit from RAS, our software for regulatory affairs.

This strategic partnership has broadened our international footprint, as RAS will be employed in an extensive array of countries, including the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, and many others.

Angelus prioritizes innovation in all facets of its business, with noteworthy investments in research and development. Their partnerships with universities and scientific research centres have enabled them to pioneer revolutionary dentistry solutions. Present in over 80 countries across six continents, Angelus’ global presence testifies to their dedication to providing top-tier solutions worldwide.

Proof of Angelus’ excellence lies in obtaining significant certifications, including the ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP. The MDSAP certification verifies that Angelus conforms to medical device regulations in Brazil, America, Canada and Japan.

Furthermore, our new client has acquired FDA authorizations (USA), licenses from Health Canada, CE Marking (European Union) and registrations with the PMDA (Japan), demonstrating their commitment to meeting the highest global standards.

The partnership between Organex and Angelus fortifies both companies. “We are confident that the RAS will offer considerable advantages for Angelus’ operations while enabling our expansion into a new sector of the regulated industry,” remarks Kleber Costa, Commercial Director of Organex.

By utilizing this software, Angelus can effectively and securely handle the regulatory aspects of its products in all operational countries. This will optimize processes, lower costs and guarantee adherence to the regulations of each country’s regulatory body.

Conquest this client is a significant achievement, as it not only expands our global reach but also affirms the standard and dependability of our products and services. 

This partnership emphasizes the significance of innovation and investment in research and development for attaining success in global markets. Moreover, Angelus distinguishes itself by seeking out relevant certifications and authorizations, showcasing its pledge to excellence and regulatory compliance.

We share a joint vision of stimulating innovation and striving for excellence. We are fully devoted to contributing towards the progress of the dental industry, specifically to the expansion of our fresh client.

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