Nestlé – The newest Organex partnership

Nestlé Brasil is Organex’s newest partner! Following the implementation of RAS 4 as a solution for the company’s Regulatory Affairs management, we spoke to Renata Delavy, sector manager at Nestlé.

Check out the full interview and discovery how we expanded our operations to the food sector.

What business needs which motivated the search for software like RAS?

We felt there was an opportunity to increase standardization in the way we organize our documentation and process histories. Additionally, a feature of RAS that we liked was the automatic sending of alerts when registrations expire. This function allowed us to optimize our team’s time.

How did you know about Organex? How did you first get in touch with the company?

I knew Organex from a previous company. There we implemented the RAS system, which helped us a lot in the day-to-day activities.

What factors did Nestlé consider before selecting Organex? What set Organex apart in this process and why was it ultimately chosen?

After evaluating several companies in this field, we determined that Organex was the most suitable for our needs. Specifically, Organex has significant expertise in the registered food category, and the system is fully developed with consideration for the unique characteristics of these products.

Generally speaking, services focused on this area tend to be specialized for the pharmaceutical industry and do not fully consider the requirements of the food sector.

How do you rate the Organex team’s service throughout the negotiation process, contract signing and delivery of the work itself?

I give a highly favorable assessment. The team proved to be highly amenable and proficient, consistently exhibiting a collaborative approach towards achieving our organization’s objectives.

Did Organex satisfy Nestlé’s expectations in delivering the service?


What are the primary gains that our organization has reaped subsequent to joining RAS?

Improved version: Enhance control over documents related to food registration and post-registration processes, with a primary focus on improving security of registration expiration dates that are now received automatically.

With this new partnership, Organex is taking another step into the food market, providing solutions that meet the needs of regulated industries with precision and safety!
Welcome, Nestlé!
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