Extended team: how specialists recruitment works

contratacao de especialistas

Regardless of the sector your company is in, hiring specialists isn’t always easy. Often, you need specific talent to complement your internal team, and that’s when the extended team makes all the difference.

When it comes to regulated industries and their suppliers, the lack of qualified labor can disrupt the company’s progress, increase turnover, and delay projects, which is very damaging to business growth.

In this article, we’ll talk about the extended team and how this partnership can help your company

What is an extended team?

The extended staff, also known as professional/resource allocation, is a strategy for recruiting specialists made by specialists and aims to meet an internal demand for a set period.

Unlike outsourcing work, the extended team complements your internal team rather than replacing it.

Let’s take Organex as an example. When we provide this service to other companies, our clients rely on Organex professionals or those hired by us to become integral parts of their teams.

This way, clients can benefit from the expertise of professionals who will meet their needs without having to worry about the bureaucracy of recruitment and selection!

This way, clients can benefit from the expertise of professionals who will meet their needs without having to worry about the bureaucracy of recruitment and selection!



1) Demand evaluation

That’s the first step: understanding what your company needs. Sometimes you may have a short but complex project, while other times it could be longer with a lower level of complexity. In any case, we’ll help you discern your true requirement.

2) Definition of requirements

Based on this understanding, we collaborate with you to outline the ideal profile for the position. In other words, we identify the requirements this professional or team of professionals needs to meet in order to fulfill your demand. If you already have this profile outlined, we find talents that fit it.

3) Recruitment of professionals

From this point onward, everything becomes our responsibility. Our technical and HR experts manage the entire recruitment and selection process, focusing solely on candidates who meet the precise requirements determined in phase 2.

4) Forming the team and monitoring the project

Depending on your project, we carefully select the best candidates to introduce to you. Once they are approved, they can start working immediately. In case any issues arise, our experts are always available to provide full support and resolve them.

The extended team model has a short window between the project commencement and implementation. However, the question remains: when is the right time to rely on a service like this?

When to call in a dedicated team?

Is the dedicated team suitable for everyone? Not necessarily! If your internal team already possesses the required skills, there’s no need to expand it. However, there are scenarios where the extended team fits in very well:

If you need specific skills that you can't find in your team

If your team needs some professionals to add to the skills they already have, the extended team is an excellent solution.

This is because, as we said, the aim of having a dedicated team is not to replace anyone, but to add to them. In this way, the professionals recruited add to the skills your internal team already has and fill in the gaps.

If demand is beyond the team's capacity

Another common scenario when hiring a dedicated team is when the in-house team needs a few more hands to meet the demand.

In these cases, an extended team doesn’t necessarily need to have different skills. In fact, it probably needs to have the same skills that the internal team already has, so that you can add to them and deliver the expected results.

If the financial resources don't support full-time employment right now

Finally, there are many times when a company can’t afford to hire a professional and needs a quality service provider.

Finally, there are many times when a company can’t afford to hire a professional and needs a quality service provider.

In these cases, temporary hiring is more financially advantageous.

Building on this topic, what are the main advantages of working with an extended team? Is this a beneficial strategy for your company? Explore the key benefits of collaborating with a dedicated team:

Conheça os principais benefícios de trabalhar com um time dedicado:

1) Specialized professionals with the talent you need

Undoubtedly, the most significant advantage of having a dedicated team is the presence of professionals selected specifically to meet your demands. Since you don’t need to concern yourself with searching for the best talent, once the list of potential candidates is approved, it’s time to get to work. If necessary, you can even make changes to the team.

2) Meet your most specific demand

As mentioned before, finding qualified professionals is a significant challenge, especially when you require individuals with highly specific skills, such as a system validation or equipment qualification analyst with experience in a particular field or specific equipment/system.

In such cases, your existing network might not have anyone capable of meeting this demand, and having an extended team can provide a solution to this problem

3) Efficient and unbureaucratic hiring

Many companies opting to work with an extended team seek an efficient response without delving into the intricacies of the process. The good news is that this is a hallmark of this style of work, where the hiring company doesn’t need to handle all the recruitment intricacies but can entrust this responsibility to a team of specialists.

4) Reduced turnover

Anyone who has hired and lost an employee in a short period knows how detrimental turnover can be for a company. Regardless of the reason for terminating the contract, this process is never ideal. Many factors can contribute to turnover, often linked to recruitment issues.

A company with an extended team ‘outsources’ recruitment to specialists in the field who select candidates specifically for that position, significantly reducing turnover.

5) Continuity in projects

Speaking of turnover, one of the issues when it occurs is the disruption of crucial processes or the necessity to reorganize entire teams. The extended model, with its low turnover rate, minimizes process interruptions and enhances the efficient use of your team’s time.

Organex: extended team in regulated industries and their suppliers

Organex: extended team in regulated industries and their suppliers

With more than 15 years in the market, we work with the allocation of resources in:

● Quality Systems;
● Validation and qualifications;
● Among others.

Our goal is to bring our team to yours! Discover our extended team services!

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