Danone: the first Organex food industry!

Find out how the work was carried out from the start and what the team’s feedback was:

Between April and August 2018, we collaborated on our first project within the food industry.

Emphasizing transparency, promptness, and efficacy, we initiated this effort, signifying a new era for both our organization and our customer.

Danone consistently strives to implement safer and more innovative procedures. The primary requirements are (1) system versatility, including product registration, petitions and certifications, (2) mitigating the risk of missing deadlines and regulatory issues through sending notification alerts, (3) streamlining the report generation process, and (4) a more user-friendly approach to organizing information and managing tasks.

Collaborating with Danone to delineate enhancements to the system’s functionalities, ensuring they adapted to meet all business requirements.

These include collaboratively defining improvements to system functionalities to meet all needs assertively with Danone. Additionally, partnership ties are crucial for every project and are fundamental to the evolution of client partnerships.

In this case, it was no different. In practice, we dedicated our efforts to providing a solution that enables us to oversee information from the regulatory affairs sector and attain pertinent and relevant reports and indicators.

To achieve this, it was necessary to create a more dynamic and eficiente management system better than Excel spreadsheets. Organex developed a new platform that is instinctive and user-friendly, RAS4.

Effective communication and detailed technical work were crucial to meeting client needs and delivering an improved version of the traditional RAS system: one that is more intuitive, efficient and flexible according to real-world deployment schedules.

By doing so, we ensured the system served a new business area and is now ready to benefit companies of all sizes.

The project feedback indicates that expectations have been surpassed, emphasizing the necessity of this tailored service that caters to the specific needs of each client.

I am extremely satisfied with the operational framework. The Organex team were consistently transparent, attentive to our requirements and punctual with deliveries. As well flexible, accommodating our deadlines. Marina André, Regulatory Affairs Analyst.

I am delighted with the partnership that we have established with the Organex team, which has consistently been transparent and precise. The team who assisted us were highly skilled and equally responsive to our requirements. Renana Delavy, Regulatory Affairs Manager.

To the Danone team, I extend my sincere gratitude and please be assured of our continued support.

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