Allocation of employees in industry: how to hire?

The shortage of skilled workforce is one of the biggest problems in some sectors of industry. In this scenario, where it is difficult to hire, one option is to allocate employees.

This is an excellent opportunity for companies that need specific skills but have difficulty finding them. In this article, we’ll talk more about employee allocation (or extended staff) and the importance of having a good team in your company.

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What is employee allocation?

Employee allocation is a form of hiring experts that is conducted by a third-party team of specialists. In this model, a professional is allocated in your company to perform a specific function for a determined period.

This hiring strategy is very useful for those companies that need qualified professionals to meet an internal demand.

The difference between allocation of employees in an outsourced contract is that the professional comes to add to the team’s skills, rather than replacing in-house labor. It’s a very different style of integration.

This model of hiring can be done with one or more professionals, according to the company’s needs, and the period of work also varies a lot, depending on what is required internally.

Some benefits of this contracting model:

1) Work with qualified professionals supported by experts

The allocation of professionals is a way of dealing with the shortage of qualified labor in the market, as it works through temporary contracts and the recruitment is carried out by specialists in the field.

2) Meet your more specific demands of the quality system ​

Whether you need a professional for a management position or one with a portfolio of specific skills, the specialized recruitment can find them.

Regardless of the size of the project, this model is very flexible and works very well for times of high demand or shortages of in-house professionals trained for the task.

The importance of hiring well

There is no doubt that successful teams are the backbone of any company. Those who hire well, thrive. In the complex scenario we face today, it is not sufficient merely to have
technical professionals; they must also be valuable additions to the team.

That’s why hiring someone goes far beyond a resume, because the recruitment and
selection process must be carefully considered, taking into account the
company’s profile and needs. This ensures that teams are cohesive and work towards the same goals.

It is estimated that companies need to spend around 1.5 to 2 times an employee’s annual salary to replace them when they leave. When we talk about more specialized professionals, this number becomes much more expressive.

Imagine having to replace a key member of your team who has a salary of
7 thousand reais monthly. According to estimates, replacing this employee would
cost the company between 126 thousand and 168 thousand reais.


In addition to the financial cost, high turnover is a great ally of high unproductivity. Companies that are always changing employees need
to readjust, train, and reshape sectors, and this takes time.

That’s why the allocation model is an excellent strategy for assertive hiring, reducing turnover, and increasing the productivity of your teams in the way the company needs.



How to make a good employees allocation

To achieve the right employee allocation for your specific case, the best approach is to engage a specialized company in your sector that provides this type of service.



In the case of regulated industries, Organex specializes in allocating professionals to quality system areas (qualifications, validations, etc.). We also handle IT quality, covering the drafting of policies, procedures, infrastructure qualification, audits, etc.

 We do this because we are an active company in the field, well-acquainted with the daily challenges companies face. We have the expertise to find professionals who align with the realities of the market.

If your company requires employee allocation services in regulated industries, we can help! Learn more by clicking here.

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